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New Futures

Re-engaging young people with education

Our Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to the New Futures website.


As the Headteacher of the New Futures provisions I’m committed to ensuring all members of our community feel valued, understood and cared for. We are a three site provision offering interim alternative and specialist provision to pupils from Key Stages one, two and three across North East and Mid Essex.

Pupils are referred to us via three different pathways:

  • Permanent Exclusion

  • Request for Support

  • SEND Operations

Many of our young people arrive having had challenging experiences throughout their education journeys. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for re-engagement with learning and achieving success by supporting our pupils as individuals and helping them to overcome their barriers. This work then enables them to successfully transition on to the next step in their education journey.

Every member of our school follows our school commitments:

F      Fresh starts

U     Understanding and acceptance for all

T     Taking steps to achieve our goals

U    Uniform matters

R     Relationships built on values

E   Engagement and attendance to all opportunities offered

S    Safe choices


These statements ensure that we all have a clear understanding of what is expected of us when attending a new futures provision and helps create the calm, safe and nurturing environments we are proud to offer. We value building high quality relationships with our pupils and their families that enable pupils to find the confidence to learn. Our creative and responsive curriculum offers opportunities for pupils achieve the skills and knowledge they need for their future goals. Our dedicated staff teams led by myself and my leaders are always available on the phone or by email to offer any support, guidance or advice.

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Lydia Sherborne

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